Free Battle Pass Season 9

Amazing, the past series of updates have been perfect. They really updated with meaningful content and have exceeded expectations and excitement with each update so far. Super hyped to finally play Barbarians release TT

One of the all time great games. over 2 years later and i still come back to it all the time.
The added DLC keeps it feeling better and better, Thank you Overhype Studios for an amazing gem of a game! Get the new season 9 bpass here:

Great battle pass, one of my favourites.
Very polished, well ballanced (yes, I meant it), very high replay value, great soundtrack, immersive atmosphere.
At first sight it’s indeed a hard game and you may often feel like it’s unbalanced, but if you take some time to learn you’ll find it’s all about learning from mistakes and will be able to survive for a long time.
If you really want to enjoy the game but are having a hard time trying to survive, I suggest you to have a look at the FilthyRobot’s videos on youtube for some tips.

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